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Plans and Projects

Kennecott Ore Chute Reconstruction Project

In February 2016, Friends of Kennicott and the Alaska Association for Historic Preservation formed a partnership to seek support and funding for reconstruction of the iconic High Grade Ore Chute, a key feature of the 14-story Concentration Mill building.  Friends and AAHP are seeking $5.5 million through private and corporate sponsorships to secure matching funds from the Helium Act. 

To donate directly to the jointly-sponsored Ore Chute Reconstruction Project, go to

Kennecott Operations Plan

In December 2013, the National Park Service completed the revised Kennecott Operations Plan, replacing the "Interim Operations Plan" completed in 2001. Both documents were created with significant community input, providing successive guidance for management of Kennecott following acquisition in 1998. Friends of Kennicott was instrumental in facilitating community input in the planning process and advocating for the principals upon which acquisition of the Landmark was based. To see the final Kennecott Operations Plan and Environmental Assessment, go to under “Kennecott Operations Plan and EA.” Or contact Park Planner Bruce Rogers at (907) 822-7276 or 


See the Friends of Kennicott Documents page to view selected planning documents and comments submitted seperately by Friends of Kennicott and the McCarthy Area Council's Kennicott Committee.


"Light Touch" Community Workshop

On June 5-6, 2012, NPS hosted a community workshop at the Kennecott Recreation Hall to expand an awareness and understanding of the "light touch" management approach underlying the original acquisition of the Kennecott Landmark by the NPS.  The "light touch" approach is reflected in the opening "Management Concepts" in the 2001 Interim Operations Plan, and carried forward with minor updates in the final Kennecott Operations Plan of 2012. For more about "light touch" see link on the Who We Are page.


Kennecott Water Project

On March 13 and 14, 2012, the NPS held a Valuation Workshop on a proposed project to develop a water system or potable drinking water and fire safety.  Friends of Kennicott facilitated the involvement of professional Hydrologist Barry Hecht, with over 40 years of field experience in the Wrangells.  Barry and other locally-based participants with years of experience were instrumental in expanding consideration of new alternatives, such as ground water.  The original alternatives analyzed were too costly, so the NPS is currently re-thinking the range of alternatives for future public review.