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All downloads are pdf files. For general information about the role these documents have played in the history of Kennecott National Historic Landmark, please review our organization's history.

Pre-NPS Acquisition Reports 1988-1998

"Alaska's Historic Kennecott Mill Protected", June 16, 1998
Press Release announcing the June 16, 1998 acquisition of the Kennecott Landmark by the NPS. Jon Jarvis, superintendent of Wrangell-St. Elias National Park is quoted regarding the partnership vision: "Ownership of Kennecott puts the National Park Service in the position of working directly with the community so that the Kennecott visitor experience is maintained at a very high quality for generations to come. Download this PDF>>

"Kennecott Acquisition - Past, Present and Future", 1997.
WRST Staff developed this report in cooperation with Friends of Kennicott to outline the history, background and steps to be taken prior to NPS acquisition. Download this PDF>>

"A Proposal for Ownership & Management of the Kennicott Property", December 1994.
Friends of Kennicott proposal, with graphics, summarizing and illustrating how NPS acquisition could work under a low budget, "light touch" management approach in partnership with local nonprofits. Download this PDF>>

"Kennicott - Alaska, A Partnership Proposal", May 1991.
NPS Report submitted through the Department of the Interior by request of the Senate Committee on Appropriations. Report outlines options for NPS acquisition of the Kennecott Landmark. Download this PDF>>

Joseph Sax. "Keeping Special Places Special: McCarthy-Kennicott and Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve - A Great Challenge, A Unique Opportunity," November 1990.

Prepared for the Wrangell Mountains Center and the McCarthy-Kennicott Museum by well-respected author ("Mountains Without Handrails") with funds from the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the Alaska Division of Tourism, and the Alaska Conservation Foundation. First articulation of the "light touch" terminology and partnership management. Download this PDF>>


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Pre-NPS Acquisition Reports 1988-1998

Planning Documents 1999-2009

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